Five In A Row Draw Too Strong for Bernard Brogan To Walk Away From


Bernard Brogan - Five in A Row

Dublin Stalwart Bernard Brogan Not Calling Time In His Inter County Life Yet.

Many wouldn’t have had a bad word to say if Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh and Dublin Legend Bernard Brogan had decided to call time on his Inter county career. 2018 was a tough road for Bernard, suffering his second cruciate injury. And as a result he played a very minor role in Dublin’s Four In A Row All Ireland Season.

But his invincibility was put to the test and succeeded as Brogan made a much faster than expected recovery. Sadly though he only played a bit part in Dublin’s Super 8 clash with Roscommon.

As soon as Jim Gavin’s football panel made the small trip from the Hogan Stand to the Hill to present the fans with the Sam Maguire, the rumour mill began to churn as it does at that time every year. Fans looking for a hint of a salute or a farewell gesture that would signal the end of a player’s tenure. And of course having the year he did, the speculation focused toward Brogan.

Bernard pledges his loyalty

But on today’s Nicky Byrne show with Jenny Greene on RTE 2FM, Brogan finally put the rumours to bed.

“It’s tough to walk away from,” he admitted, “it’s been an amazing journey. We’ve done so well and had such amazing times and even if I step away, it’s been an amazing ride.”

But Bernard is still adamant that things are going very well with his recovery and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to continue his time with his beloved boys in blue.

“I’m still working with the Dublin physios to get myself right and then it’s about sitting down with Jim.”

Ultimately though, it’s not his choice to make. He’ll be available, it’s just down to the boss. And the competition is stronger than ever in the ranks.

“As you know, these young lads keep on coming through the ranks. I’m definitely going to sit down with Jim and see is there a role and if they want me back.”