We look at the big scores, scores and opponents Dublin have faced and beaten in Leinster since losing to Meath at the turn of the decade

Leinster Championship - Dublin's 2011 to 2018 Record

For most of the GAA community, the talking point of the Leinster Championship in 2010 was the Final between Meath and Louth. The controversial finish that saw a frenzy of emotions in Croke Park with Meath walking away the winners. But least we forget that year was to be the last time Dublin would lose in the Provincial Championship.

Since then Dublin supporters have enjoyed having the Delaney Cup in residence for eight consecutive years as the rise of Dublin football has been highlighted by their complete dominance in this competition. It’s also a triumph that on only two occasions, Dublin failed to land the All Ireland Championship in this period.

So as they begin that faithful journey this weekend, with a possible three games to retain their much loved Leinster Football Crown, we take a quick look at everything that’s happened since that Semi Final at the end of June nine years ago.

A game that changed Dublin football forever

Back in 2016 , in an article in the Independent, Alan Brogan spoke of the humiliation every player felt that afternoon as Meath ran rampant over Dublin, scoring five goals in the process, making them look far from the side that had held the provincial title for the five year before. But in turn, he attributes that game as the turning point for Dublin Football. And, not wanting to use a cliche, the rest is history.

Leinster Championship - Dublin's 2011 to 2018 Record

Nothing but victories, large and small, in twenty four provincial contests

In the 24 provincial championship games from 2011 to date, Dublin have faced Kildare, Laois, Meath and Westmeath four times, Wexford three time, Longford twice, and Carlow, Louth and Wicklow on one occasion.

The closest any team came to beating the Dubs was back as far as 2011 when Kildare ran them close in the Semi Finals, losing by only a point on a 1-12 to 1-11 scoreline. How different that year, and perhaps Dublin’s history would be had they not shaded that result.

The Dubs highest winning margin was in the 2017 last four game against Westmeath when the registered 4-29 to their opponents 0-10, a whopping 31 points difference. In the 2015 Quarter Final Longford were on the end of an equally emphatic 4-25 to 0-10 beating. And last year Wicklow upped their second half performance to close the gap to 23 points on a 4-25 to 1-11 score.

Vengeance against Meath came threefold following Dublin’s 2010 loss. They had to wait a year but in three consecutive Leinster Finals, Dublin sent their neighbours packing between 2012 and 2014. Only a goal seperated them in the first encounter. In 2013 the 2-15 to 0-14 score left 0-07 between them. And in 2014 Dublin walked out of Croke Park, Delaney Cup in hand after a 3-20 to 1-10 victory.

Leinster Championship - Dublin's 2011 to 2018 Record

Rock and Brogan lead the sharpshooting shortlist

From 2011 to 2018, 36 individual players have got themselves on the scoreboard for the boys in blue. And it will come as no surprise that Bernard Brogan and Dean Rock lead that list sharing 17 goals and 150 points. Dean has less years under his belt that Brogan but has registered 7-81 (102) to Bernard’s 10-69 (99). There’s big drop off to Diarmuid Connolly who’s still amassed 8 goals and 31 points (55) over his playing time in Leinster, with Ciaran Kilkenny only a score behind him on 3-45 (54).

Dublin’s Championship Record 2011 to 2018

2011 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 1-16 Laois 0-11
Semi Final: Dublin 1-12 Kildare 1-11
Final: Dublin 2-12 Wexford 1-12

2012 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 2-22 Louth 0-12
Semi Final: Dublin 2-11 Wexford 1-10
Final: Dublin 2-13 Meath 1-13

2013 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 1-22 Westmeath 0-09
Semi Final: Dublin 4-16 Kildare 1-09
Final: Dublin 2-15 Meath 0-14

2014 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 2-21 Laois 0-16
Semi Final: Dublin 2-25 Wexford 1-12
Final: Dublin 3-20 Meath 1-10

2015 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 4-25 Longford 0-10
Semi Final: Dublin 5-18 Kildare 0-14
Final: Dublin 2-13 Westmeath 0-06

2016 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 2-21 Laois 2-10
Semi Final: Dublin 0-21 Meath 0-11
Final: Dublin 2-19 Westmeath 0-10

2017 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 0-19 Carlow 0-07
Semi Final: Dublin 4-29 Westmeath 0-10
Final: Dublin 2-23 Kildare 1-17

2018 Leinster Championship

Quarter Final: Dublin 4-25 Wicklow 1-11
Semi Final: Dublin 2-25 Longford0-12
Final: Dublin 1-25 Laois 0-10

Dublin’s Leinster Scorers 2011 to 2018

Dean Rock: 7-81 (102)
Bernard Brogan: 10-69 (99)
Diarmuid Connolly: 8-31 (55)
Ciaran Kilkenny: 3-45 (54)
Kevin McManamon: 4-21 (33)
Paul Mannion: 3-24 (33)
Paul Flynn: 4-19 (31)
Con O’Callaghan: 1-25 (28)
Alan Brogan: 0-21 (21)
Stephen Cluxton: 0-20 (20)
Paddy Andrews: 1-17 (20)
Eoghan O’Gara: 3-08 (17)
Cormac Costello: 1-13 (16)
Brian Fenton: 1-13 (16)
James McCarthy: 2-03 (9)
Jack McCaffrey: 1-06 (9)
Brian Cullen: 0-08 (8)
Michael Darragh Macauley: 1-03 (6)
Philly McMahon: 0-06 (6)
Denis Bastick: 1-02 (5)
Brian Howard: 0-04 (4)
Cian O’Sullivan: 0-03 (3)
Tomas Brady: 0-03 (3)
Niall Scully: 0-03 (3)
Conor McHugh: 0-03 (3)
Shane B Carthy: 0-03 (3)
Colm Basquel: 0-03 (3)
Craig Dias: 0-02 (2)
Kevin Nolan: 0-02 (2)
Tomas Quinn: 0-01 (1)
Ross McConnell: 0-01 (1)
Ger Brennan: 0-01 (1)
Nicky Devereux: 0-01 (1)
Eric Lowndes: 0-01 (1)
David Byrne: 0-01 (1)
John Small: 0-01 (1)