Mind games are nothing new in Gaelic Games and around any team selection, you could almost pick out the psychology based on inclusions and omissions.

With both Jim Gavin and Eamonn Fitzmaurice expected to name their sides tonight there is quite an interesting selection decision expected.

If speculation is to be believed, Fitzmaurice will hold Colm Cooper on the bench for this Sunday’s clash with Dublin as they try choose the best formation to face the storm that’s expected.

Cooper did damage to his collar bone in the first half of the Munster Final against Tipperary and missed the All Ireland Quarter Final against Clare.

In addition, it’s expected that Kerry captain Bryan Sheehan will be restored to the starting lineup. And with him holding a midfield role, this would leave Kieran Donaghy open to a more forward position.

Paul Murphy, who has been acting as a centre forward could be moved back to his native defensive slot which could mean Tadhg Morley, who only debuted this year, would have to make way.

From a Dublin perspective, Jim Gavin is surely confident his panel, in its entirety will be at full strength. The only concerns leading to the Quarter Finals was James McCarthy, but the Ballymun man was named, even though he played no part.

It’s believed that James, who has been taking part in full training, will surely play a role in Sunday’s proceedings. And this will mean is Ciaran Kilkenny should move back to his half forward position.

In turn, this may see Paddy Andrews back on the bench, but right now, no one but Jim Gavin and his backroom team know.

Stayed tuned later when Dublin and Kerry’s starting 15’s will be released, and the wait gets even shorter.