Dublin spent most of the second half of Sunday’s Leinster Senior Football Final making light work of Westmeath and put on the show that the fans came to see.

Some of the passing and movement was simply stunning. And one passage of play in particular got everyone talking.

Westmeath Corner Forward Callum McCormack had sent a high ball towards the goal in front of Hill 16, but he watched it drop inches short as Dublin captain Stephen Cluxton soared above the crossbar to secure the attempt.

The recycle was immediate as Cluxton sent the perfect counter out long and left to Ciaran Kilkenny who had picked out Johnny Coopers run.

Cooper found Brian Fenton ahead of him at a similar pace for a pass. As McCormack back tracked and got to Fenton’s right, he found Paddy Andrews waiting to receive the ball.

Johnny Cooper had kept his run going and a pass from Andrews met his parry to Fenton again who finally sent the ball across goal to an ever patient Bernard Brogan who confidently palmed the ball into the Westmeath net to finish an amazing move.

The phrase “Poetry In Motion” can be over used sometimes. But it’s certainly appropriate in this instance.

(Video Credit: GAA.ie via YouTube)