All Ireland Championship - Dublin v Galway

Can the Dubs score their Eight Championship win over Galway this Saturday in Croke Park?

The Super 8’s are done and dusted, and the last four in this year’s All Ireland Senior Football Championship will showcase their talents over two days this weekend at GAA Headquarters.

On Sunday, Monaghan and Tyrone will rekindle a provincial rivalry when they face each other in the second of the Semi Finals, but on Saturday reigning Champions Dublin will have the challenge of Galway for the chance of an All Ireland Final slot.

These two sides are certainly no stranger to each other, particularly this year where they’ve faced each other in both Round 6 and the Final of the Allianz League Division 1 competition. To their credit, Galway ran through the Rounds of the League and remained unbeaten in seven games, with a draw against the Dubs being their worst result. But Dublin would exact their revenge in the Division 1 Final, beating the Tribesmen by 0-04 to reclaim the title they’d lost to Kerry the year before.

Galway’s Championship Run

Galway kicked on from there, beating Mayo, Sligo and Roscommon to claim the Connacht Championship, earning them a slot in the Super 8’s. And they made their intent clear beating a favoured Kerry side in the opening game. Kildare were no match for them but Monaghan had to beat them and did to stay in the competition.

For Dublin, they still remain unbeaten since they lifted the league title, with wins over Wicklow, Longford and Laois in Leinster. And they finished the Super 8’s on top with three wins against Donegal, Tyrone and Roscommon. In their league campaign, Galway held them to a draw, and Monaghan won their round game against them.

Ten Times The Charm

This Saturday will be the tenth time Dublin and Galway have met in the Championship, with the first of the previous nine games back in 1922. Dublin have been victorious seven times, in 1922, 1942, 1958, 1963, 1974, 1976 and 1983. Galway had two consecutive wins over the Dubs in 1933 and 1934, with the latter winning them an All Ireland.

The All Ireland Semi Final is familiar territory to this Dublin side, having successfully conquered it every since their defeat to Donegal in 2014. For Galway their last Semi Final appearance was back in 2001, when they went on to beat Meath to claim All Ireland glory.

Dublin and Galway’s Paths to the Semi Final


(Leinster quarter-final) Dublin 4-25 Wicklow 1-11
(Leinster semi-final) Dublin 2-25 Longford 0-12
(Leinster final) Dublin 1-25 Laois 0-10
(All-Ireland quarter-final – Phase 1) Dublin 2-15 Donegal 0-16
(All-Ireland quarter-final – Phase 2) Dublin 1-14 Tyrone 0-14
(All-Ireland quarter-final – Phase 3) Dublin 4-24 Roscommon 2-16


Dean Rock 2-29 (21f, 2 ’45)
Cormac Costello 0-15 (2f, 1 ’45)
Brian Fenton 1-09


(Connacht Quarter Final) Galway 1-12 Mayo 0-12
(Connacht Semi Final) Galway 4-24 Sligo 1-12
(Connacht Final) Galway 0-16 Roscommon 2-6
(All Ireland Quarter Final – Phase 1) Galway 1-13 Kerry 1-10
(All Ireland Quarter Final – Phase 2) Galway 0-19 Kildare 0-16
(All Ireland Quarter Final – Phase 3) Monaghan 0-16 Galway 0-08


Shane Walsh 0-27 (16f)
Damien Comer 2-11
Ian Burke 1-09
Sean Kelly 1-06



2017: Dublin 2-17 Tyrone 0-11
2016: Dublin 0-22 Kerry 0-14
2015: Dublin 3-15 Mayo 1-14 (Replay)
2015: Dublin 2-12 Mayo 1-15 (Draw)
2014: Donegal 3-14 Dublin 0-16


2001: Galway 1-14 Derry 1-11
2000: Galway 0-15 Kildare 2-06
1998: Galway 0-16 Derry 1-08
1995: Tyrone 1-13 Galway 0-13
1987: Cork 0-18 Galway 1-04 (replay)


1983: Dublin 1-10 Galway 1-08 (All Ireland Final)
1976: Dublin 1-08 Galway 0-08 (All Ireland Semi Final)
1974: Dublin 0-14 Galway 1-06 (All IrelandFinal)
1963: Dublin 1-09 Galway 0-10 (All IrelandFinal)
1958: Dublin 2-07 Galway 1-09 (All Ireland Semi Final)
1942: Dublin 1-10 Galway 1-18 (All Ireland Final)
1934: Galway 3-05 Dublin 1-09 (All IrelandFinal)
1933: Galway 0-08 Dublin 1-04 (All Ireland SemiFinal)
1922: Dublin 0-06 Galway 0-04 (All Ireland Final)