Dublin 2-09
Mayo 0-15

Dublin and Mayo will have to do it all over again on the 1st Of October at 5pm after today’s All Ireland Final finished all square after a tense dour battle.

Dublin never performed at all today and will be mich the happier side they have another chance the next day. the weather just like last uears final didn’t help proceedings as the underfoot conditions were extremely poor for both sides.

Dublin were gifted two own goals in the first half and led by five at the break, but they didn’t manage their first point till thirty minutes in and also lost James McCarthy to a black card for could best be described as a lightweight collison with Cillian O’Connor that a five year old would have laughed at, many in the ground though expected a much better performance in the second half from Dublin, it never came.

Mayo took full advantage of a below par Dublin and soon the five point lead disappeared and it was game on. Dublin led again by three but failed to push on as the slow ponderous play in the forward line continued from Dublin.

Dublin were still leading with the clock running down, bit seven minutes of injury time were announced and that ws enough time for Mayo to snatch a draw. An O’Connor point left the bare minimum between the sides, but Dublin broke up along the Hogan Stand and won a sideline ball, Kilkenny and Connolly scraped for the ball, there was a minute left and Dublin should have hit it short, but Connolly went for tue glory shot and pulled it wide.

Mayo broke forward at pace and O’Connor was on hand to kick the equaliser and send the game to a replay. Too many of Dublin’s players particularly in the forward line failed to show up today and only two managed to get on the scoresheet today, Dean Rock and substitute Paddy Andrews.

It was a day to forget for Dublin but at least they will have another opportunity the next day to put in a much improved performance. Mayo will be happy with the draw but wary you normally only get once chance to beat Jim Gavin’s side and today may have been the day.