AIG visits Naomh Fionnbarra, a pulsing vein of a club at the heart of Dublin GAA

Sport is the glue that holds many communities together. And Naomh Fionnbarra GAA is the perfect example. Built over generations with a strong sense of pride & family, GAA is alive & well in Cabra today with Finbar’s at the heart of the parish.

Giving back to the community is what keeps this club going, continually growing through its dedication to its sport & its people.

Nicky Kehoe is a lifelong member and also a club historian. He recalls the people in East Cabra referred to the west as the Wild West. And Nicky also tells us of their meetings outside the Oasis pub before matches.  The lads would pile into the back of a Hi-ace van.

He explains that from the very start Finbars always worked with the kids in the area, gave them an interest.

Tagged as “the parish” games promotion officer Liam O’Grady explains how Finbars is the focal point of the area, saying “if you’re not here you’re nowhere”.

Kehoe goes on to tell the story of their beloved clubhouse, which eventually came to life in 1995. Three of the club members put up their houses to raise two hundred thousand. Such is the love and dedication of this club and it’s members. And as Chairperson Elish Langan admits, if your club need you they need you, in whatever way.

As Liam explains, people really appreciate Finbars for the time that was put into them as children, and the members feel the need to give that time back. Wearing the Finbars Jersey and being proud of where they’re from.

In 200 years they’ll be still there according to Nicky Kehoe, Cabra and Finbars, synonymous.

Video Credit: AIG GAA via YouTube