Drawn All Ireland Final Broke McCaffrey


Former Dublin star Jack McCaffrey has spoken for the first time on his reasons for retiring from Inter County Football in June

Jack McCaffrey - PwC Player Of The All Ireland Final

“Something just wasn’t right and it probably wasn’t right since halfway through the summer last year when I just felt the fun had gone out of the whole thing really”

These words, uttered by five time All Ireland Champion Jack McCaffrey finally put an exclamation point on the Clontarf man’s sudden retirement from the Dublin set up back in late June.

McCaffrey had installed himself as one of the greatest footballers ever to don the blue jersey for Dublin. Five All Ireland medals, three All Star Awards and a Footballer Of The Year Award in 2015. Add to that numerous player of the match performances, and that’s why fans were stunned earlier this year when the Clontarf man called time on his inter county career.

Speaking to former team mate Bernard Brogan on his “Off The Ball” podcast, Jack explained his reasoning behind walking away.

“I wasn’t looking forward to training” he admitted.

“I’ve spoken in interviews before about the love I had for the group and that was always true but it just kind of suddenly wasn’t really any more just because of changes in my life as opposed to anywhere else.”

“And then I think what broke me was the drawn final. You just build everything to this game and it went quite well on a personal level. Obviously we didn’t win, we didn’t lose thank God, but I was walking up to the ref, I thought there was extra-time and David Moran just stuck his hand out to shake my hand and I was just like, ‘We don’t have to do this again, do we?”

“I was so drained by that and I never really got it back.”

Jack did return after last year’s winter break to join Dessie Farrell for the 2020 season. Farrell had worked with McCaffrey at various underage levels and they’d developed a strong bond. But after trying to re-ignite the hunger for the game, he decided to move on late in June.