Dublin’s all time leading top scorer Dean Rock is top of the mountain in National Football League score rankings

Dean Rock - Dublin's All Time Top Scorer

While Dublin boss Dessie Farrell was happy with Sunday’s final football league performance against Galway, the game itself was lower key than we’d wanted with Kerry picking up the Division 1 Football title on Saturday. Nonetheless Dublin finished on high over the last two league games after suffering defeat to Tyrone before the country came to a standstill back in March. And Dean Rock put himself front and centre.

But in terms of scoring, between Dublin and league winners Kerry there was seven score seperating them goals and points.

Dublin amounted 8-102, conceding 4-100 over their seven games (4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss). 20 players contributed to Dublin’s scores over the games. But none more influential that than of Dean Rock who after their sixth game beating Meath, had overtaken the great Jimmy Keaveney to become Dublin’s all time top scorer.

Rock Re-writes the record books

Dean registered 3-37 in this league campaign, and had things not come to a complete halt back in Spring you’d wonder if not stopping his momentum would have reaped even more. Of the 37 points, 29 of them came from dead balls, thus further displaying how Dean has mastered his craft. Joining Dean in the top scorer list for Dublin were Ciaran Kilkenny on 0-13, Brian Fenton with 0-09, Sean Bugler who registered 1-06 and Paddy Small who finished the campaign on 0-06.

At the weekend, Rock added the final 0-06 to his personal tally further pushing his nose out front as Dublin’s Top Scorer, and over League and Championship the Ballymun man has amounted a massive 17-456 over 96 competitive games. Keaveney, who played 104 competitive games reached 30-402.

As we head into the championship next week, it’s worth noting that manager Dessie Farrell gave valuable game time 38 different players as he begins to juggle his selection for Dublin’s opening Leinster Championship tie with Westmeath on November 7th.

2020 Allianz National Football League Division 1 Results
Round 1:

Dublin 1-19 Kerry 1-19; Donegal 0-19 Mayo 2-13; Galway 1-14 Monaghan 0-16; Tyrone 1-14 Meath 1-9.

Round 2:

Dublin 1-11 Mayo 0-8; Kerry 1-15 Galway 2-11 Monaghan 1-12 Tyrone 0-11; Donegal 3-8 Meath 0-7.

Round 3:

Dublin 1-15 Monaghan 1-15; Mayo 1-9 Meath 2-5; Galway 2-8 Donegal 2-7; Tyrone 0-14 Kerry 0-13.

Round 4:

Dublin 1-15 Donegal 1-14; Kerry 1-19 Meath 2-13; Galway 2-25 Tyrone 0-12; Monaghan 2-16 Mayo 0-13.

Round 5:

Kerry 1-14 Mayo 1-13; Tyrone 1-10 Dublin 1-7; Galway 1-14 Meath 1-12; Donegal 2-12 Monaghan 0-8.

Round 6:

Dublin 1-20 Meath 0-19; Kerry 0-17 Monaghan 0-14; Donegal 2-17 Tyrone 2-13; Mayo 3-23 Galway 0-17.

Round 7:

Kerry 2-18 Donegal 0-10; Dublin 2-15 Galway 0-15; Tyrone 3-14 Mayo 1-19; Monaghan 2-14 Meath 1-17.