Countdown To Sunday: Dublin v Meath 2013 Leinster Final Flashback


Dublin claimed their third consecutive provincial title in this Leinster Final Flashback.

Dublin 2-15
Meath 0-14

The Royal county pushed Dublin to the limit for their 52nd Leinster title. The only issue was this young Meath side wasted so many early chances, it might have been a very different outcome

Michael Newman was a key element with long range frees and Meath’s tactic of pressing high up the field denied Stephen Cluxton the short kick out option he’d become accustomed to using. This meant Jack McCaffrey and James McCarthy didn’t have the usual space to sprint forward, stifling Dublin’s favourite method of counter attack.

Ciarán Kilkenny had another fine performance as the play-maker, with one of his many accurate kick passes finding Paul Mannion after four minutes. Mannion offloaded to Paul Flynn who blasted to the net. Down the other end Damien Carroll put a similar chance wide.

Newman weaved a string of scores to put Meath 0-09 to 1-04 ahead at half time.

Dublin up the gears

In the second half however Dublin’s answer was an emphatic one. Michael Darragh MacAuley won the throw in, sending Cian O’Sullivan on his way through the middle with Meath waiting, but couldn’t prevent Kilkenny kicking a point.

Two more scores from Kilkenny proved he was indeed untouchable in this game but Meath refused to lie down.

Brian Meade and Newman both hit solid points to level it up once again.

Dublin regained the advantage a Cluxton free but not before Flynn and Carroll got yellow cards as the game threatened to boil over.

With Dublin dominating possession, things eventually began to settle as Mannion put them three points clear after 53 minutes.

Michael Newman ended a 13 minute gap since his last score to keep things interesting but the other Meath players were having difficulty finding the target.

Dublin’s last coffin nail was like something from a soccer match. Paul Mannion slid home O’Brien’s rebounded shot after Connolly and McManamon made telling contributions in the build up.

While Meath matched Dublin stride for stride, when it came to power and strength they lacked the power.

The game was by no means as clinical as Dublin have been in the past, but Stephen Cluxton made his second speech of the year from the Hogan with the hope of him making a third in over a month’s time.

Dublin Scorers:

Paul Mannion 1-04 (2f)
Paul Flynn 1-01
Stephen Cluxton 0-03 (2f, 1 ’45)
Ciaran Kilkenny 0-03
Dean Rock 0-02 (1f)
Diarmuid Connolly 0-01
Bernard Brogan 0-01 (1f)

Meath Scorers:

Michael Newman 0-08 (6f)
Stephen Bray 0-02
Eamonn Wallace 0-02
Brian Meade 0-01
Joe Sheridan 0-01


1 S Cluxton
4 J Cooper
3 R O’Carroll
24 K O’Brien
5 J McCarthy
6 G Brennan
7 J McCaffrey
8 MD MacAuley
9 C O’Sullivan
10 P Flynn
11 C Kilkenny
12 D Connolly
14 P Mannion
25 E O’Gara
15 B Brogan


McManamon for Brogan (Blood 16-18)
McManamon for O’Gara (46)
Bastick for O’Sullivan (46)
Daly for Brennan (57)
Rock for Brogan (60)
Cullen for Connolly (65)


1 P O’Rourke
2 D Keogan
3 K Reilly
6 M Burke
5 P Harnan
7 S Kenny
4 B Menton
8 B Meade
9 C Gillespie
10 P Byrne
11 D Carroll
12 G Reilly
13 E Wallace
14 S Bray (0-2)
15 M Newman


Lennon for Kenny (49),
Sheridan for Carroll (52)
Tormey for Meade (60)
McDonagh for Wallace (65)