While the standing 12 week ban of Dublin’s star attacker Diarmuid Connolly has not necessarily wiped the polish completely off Dublin’s 2017 Championship run, it does beg questions about his future in the game.

Being one of the best and most naturally gifted footballers in the modern game would suggest a highly fruitful career, regardless of playing with the most dominant team in the game.

But for Diarmuid, it’s become a challenge with the constant attention he receives from opponents week in, week out. And at 29, there are still many years to stand up and be counted.

Connolly, however is not just a talented footballers, as we all know, and has been an integral part of St. Vincent’s Senior hurling set up for some time. And hurling would give any player more space for expression. Plus Diarmuid has been quite outspoken about hurling being his first love.

Former Kerry footballer Paul Galvin believes a spell with Dublin’ Senior Hurling panel would be something that Connolly should both consider and not dismiss before he calls time on his inter county exploits.

In a recent part of Galvin’s Sunday Times column, he suggests that the Dublin Star may alleviate the attention with a switch of codes.

“I watched him hurl recently and he is inter-county quality.”

“The hurling world would welcome him I’m sure, even if the football world seems intent on exposing him.”

While most of the GAA world seem intent on making an example of Connolly following his recent incident involving official Ciaran Brannigan in the Leinster Quarter Final win over Carlow, a large number of current and former stars from all round the country have come out on support of the football star.

“If he is expected to see out the rest of his career being targeted, as the pundits suggest, then he should consider the remainder of his football-playing days carefully.”

“At 29 he’s young enough to hurl and revisit football if he wishes.”

(video credit: St. Vincents GAA via YouTube)