Speaking to RTÉ Sport, Dublin Supremo Diarmuid Connolly declared he had no regrets over his yellow card incident in Sunday’s Leinster Football Final against Westmeath.

The Vincent’s club man explained he was more frustrated with himself than the Westmeath players who openly targeted him during the game.

“It was a yellow card offence” he said. “I was a bit frustrated, but look, that’s part and parcel of the game as well.”

Dublin’s first half performance was far less effective than the second and Westmeath went at the Dubs hard to stay in contact with them going in at the break.

Frustration was evident among the ranks and when Westmeath’s James Dolan appeared to ruffle Connolly’s hair, the Dublin forward hauled Dolan downward to the surface, resulting in more players getting involved and referee Fergal Kelly and his assistants having to try quash the flames.

Both Connolly and Dolan’s names were written into the book and shown a yellow each for their troubles.

“I think the referee dealt with it there and then” Diarmuid added. “I was just more frustrated with how I was playing myself and that’s what happened.”

And again, being upfront and honest, Connolly added that in his tenth season with Dublin, he’s had his fair share of extra attention from opposing teams.

“Most of my inter-county career I’m getting special attention. I just embrace the challenge and take it on.”