Coman Goggins Thinks Dublin’s Rivals Are Starting To Work Them Out

Dublin’s Rivals Getting Closer According To Ex Captain Coman Goggins

Former Dublin captain Coman Goggins believes that the main rivals to the championship hopes of Dublin are getting closer to figuring the sky blues out.

As the focus switches to the championship which gets underway in a few weeks time, all the talk is about who will stop Dublin completing a four in a row of All Ireland titles.

Jim Gavin’s side won a fifth league title in six years a few weeks back, but former Dublin defender Goggins believes Galway proved in the league final that teams are getting closer and Dublin have defensive frailties.

Although Dublin haven’t lost a championship game since 2014, Goggins noted that they have defensive issues due to the absence of Jack McCaffrey and Cian O’Sullivan and will worsen if the injury James McCarthy’s picked up in the league decider keeps him out.

“I think Dublin have probably shown some frailties,” said Goggins. “When I say that, they’re obviously missing a couple of key guys and they’re missing a lot of pace across the team.

“When you take Jack McCaffrey out, I think Dublin have struggled without the panic he causes when he gets on the ball.

“I think what some of those guys cover with their pace, not that it exposes guys, but it’s suddenly asking other defenders to do another bit more because they don’t have someone tracking back as much as they had in the past.

“Frailties is probably a strong word given the success they’ve had but I think what it’s maybe shown is that yeah, they have great strength in depth to come back into the set-up, but it shows there’s an opportunity to get at them.”

Dublin’s Defensive Weakness’s

There’s been a lot of talk in the media the last few days and years about the Dublin defence.

Jim Gavin’s side are supposedly weak under aerial bombardment, both Mayo and Kerry have tried to expose this supposed weakness by lumping ball towards Aidan O’Shea and Kieran Donaghy in recent seasons to little affect.

But again in the last few days this frailty has been rehashed in the press. Another so called defensive weakness that Dublin possess doing the rounds is teams can get at them if you run at them.

Well folks here’s a little secret and remember where you heard it first, all teams can be got at if you run at them, sure that’s what Dublin have been doing to opposing teams for the last seven years.

Goggins although another to point out what are deemed chinks in the Dublin armour, was reluctant to tip any of the metropolitans rivals to beat the champions.

And he believes that the return of injured trio of defenders and work that will be done in the coming weeks to improve the defensive unit will make Dublin very hard opposition to break down and beat.

“There’s improvement to do across the back unit heading into the summer,” said Goggins. “They probably identified a couple of challenges they need to work on. I think collectively if they get all their guys on the field, as a back six they’re going to be hard to break down.”