Dublin are enjoying a golden era in the championship of late, dominating Leinster and winning three of the last five All Ireland titles.

On Sunday they face Westmeath in the Leinster Final in Croke Park, chasing their sixth title in a row and for most it’s a foregone conclusion that the Dubs will be lifting the Delaney Cup yet again.

But that type of talk is something Dublin’s Cian O’Sullivan looks to avoid as much as he can and he told the Independent, that neither himself or the players take much notice of what others are saying.

“The difficult thing is not listening to friends and family. They’ll talk to you and they’ll say things to you about winning at the weekend. And you try and shut that out. We know the reality of what we need to do and that’s what matters.

“It doesn’t matter what the newspapers are saying, what the pundits are saying or what the bookies are saying.

O’Sullivan and his teammates are enjoying and savouring playing in what is a great period for the sky blues, but they are well aware that these periods of success won’t go on forever.

“It’s a great time to be playing football with Dublin but we’re conscious that it won’t last forever.

“These things come in ebbs and flows and teams have their peaks and troughs, Armagh in the early noughties, the Tyrone teams … and Tyrone are definitely not gone, they’re as strong as ever this year and you see Kerry winning a rake of All-Irelands in the noughties.

“We’ve won three in the last five years which is absolutely outstanding but it’s a great time to be playing football for Dublin and I’m very fortunate to be around and playing but we’re very conscious of the bad days we’ve had.

“They’re a constant reminder of the reality of sport and the reality that there’s no guarantees.”