Castleknock 2-14
Skerries Harps 0-10

Castleknock are through to the semi finals of the Dublin SFC after an easy win over Skerries Harps this evening in Parnell Park. It was a game to forget not helped by the constant stoppages for frees.

But Castleknock were worthy of their ten point victory as they offered much more of an attacking threat up front of the two sides and were a more slicker outfit throughout.

Castleknock led by two points at the break and extended their lead to four with points from a Des Carlos free and a point from play from Shane Boland.

The sides then swapped two points apiece Steven Smith scored a point from a free and from play for Skerries and Des Carlos did exactly the same for Castleknock.

But in a four minute spell between the seventeenth and twenty first minute of the second half Castleknock put the game to bed with an unanswered 1-01. The goal was well finished to the net by Mikey Galvin and the point came from Colin Lynch.

Skerries pulled a point back a minute later from Steven Smith but it was to be their last score of the game and Castleknock grabbed the last two points of the game with a fine effort from Des Carlos and a free from Mikey Galvin to run out deserving winners.

Castleknock Scorers:

Des Carlos 0-07
Mikey Galvin 1-02
Shane Boland 1-02
Graham Hannigan 0-01
Ciaran Kilkenny 0-01
Colin Lynch 0-01

Skerries Harps Scorers:

Steven Smith 0-08
Colin Daly 0-01
Graham Cullen 0-01