Aoibheann’s pink tie provide financial and practical support to children and their families battling cancer in Ireland.

Their vision is “a future where Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, and society in general, will embrace the particular needs of children (and their families) during their battle with cancer, providing the supports to allow the family to focus on their wellbeing, their support of each other, and the treatment and recovery of their child”.

Dublin Players Hannah O’Neill and Emma O’Byrne holding a baby at the Aoibheann’s Pink Tie Announcement In AIG Headquarters

Pictured at the launch are members of the Dublin Footballe Team, Hannah O’Neill and Ciarán Reddin and  Hurling and Camogie players Riain McBride and Emma O’Byrne, AIG’s CSR team, AIG employees, Aoibheann’s Pink Tie founders and volunteers and some of the kids and their families who benefit from their great services.

Families are referred to Aoibheann’s Pink Tie by social workers working on oncology wards primarily in St. John’s Ward in Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin. Some of their vital support services include:

• Emergency Financial Support

• Respite days for families

• Friendly, understanding support network

• Overnight hospital bags

• Chemo duck project

• Children’s themed parties

Dublin Players Ciaran Reddin and Riain McBride in AIG headquarters for the Aoibheann’s Pink Tie Announcement

AIG Ireland employees will be partaking in various volunteering and fundraising events this year and really look forward to supporting this great cause.

For more information about Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, please visit their website: