Andrews - Dublin v Tyrone

Andrews suffered a broken jaw from a mis-timed challenge in Saturday’s League defeat to Tyrone


Yesterday it was confirmed that following a collision between Dublin forward Paddy Andrews and Tyrone Keeper Niall Morgan, Andrews received treatment for a broken jaw. The injury happened as Dublin suffered their third league defeat in front of fans in Croke Park at the weekend.

Having only been on the pitch as substitute for twelve minutes replacing the injured Cormac Costello, Andrews was making a run down the left flank hoping to catch an incoming pass. Concentrating on the flight of the ball, Andrews never saw Morgan coming off his goal line. Mayo referee Jerome Henry showed Morgan a yellow card for the offence. This means the GAA’s Central Competitions Control Committee can take no further action.

Morgan Takes To Twitter

This past Monday, Morgan took to Twitter to explain that he had spoken to Andrews following the game to make sure he was ok. He’d received some stick online for obvious reasons but wanted to clear the air.

Obviously Paddy’s injury isn’t great news for Dublin, tied with losing both Cormac Costello and John Small on the same night. Andrews now faces a minimum of six weeks recovery. He’ll miss the opening Club Championship action with St. Brigids, and will obviously not be part of Jim Gavin’s plans this weekend for Dublin’s final round game in Cavan.

The good news for Andrews is, with Dublin not starting their Leinster campaign until May 25th, is he should have recovered by then and can be available if he’s needed. Dublin will play the winners of Louth and Wexford to kick off their 2019 Championship campaign.