Dublin’s Senior Football panel and management will be thanking the gods that they are still in this years All Ireland Championship.

The boys in blue will face Mayo one more time in the hope of erasing last Sunday’s result and keep Sam in the capital for another twelve months.

There is obviously some fall out when it comes to rescheduling such a massive game. And Dublin officials confirmed yesterday that all senior club championships games have been rescheduled for October 8th and 9th.

The games originally penciled in from September 28th to October 1st couldn’t possibly go ahead without the involvment of the inter county players.

This weekend some senior hurling championship are due to be played, but clubs who have players on Jim Gavin’s panel may still decide to defer.

But with the first phase of the Leinster Football Championship taking place on November 13th, there is still time for all county matches to go ahead, albeit with limited recuperation time between fixtures.