Tipperary Send Dogged Dublin Down In Division 2 Relegation Battle

Aoibhe Dillon - Dublin v Tipperary Crop

It wasn’t to be for the Dublin Intermediate Camogie Panel this evening as they are relegated to the Littlewoods League Divison 3

Aoibhe DIllon - Dublin v Tipperary

Dublin 0-10
Tipperary 1-14

In the second of today’s Littlewoods Camogie League Relegation battles, Dublin’s Intermediate panel didn’t get the rub of the green in Banagher and now have to contend with Division 3 Camogie next season.

A goal that Tipperary’s Nicola Loughnane got a touch on just before the second half water break saw her side go on the defensive, breaking down Dublin’s battle for scores. Jenny Grace’s converted ’45 on 49 minutes, her 6th score of the game, put 0-07 between the sides.

Aoibhe Dillon, Dublin’s top scorer today, converted her eight score with 50 minutes on the clock and it would be Dublin’s last score of the game. A final point from Tipperary substitute Emily Morrissey was the last action of the game as the referee blew the final whistle, signalling the end of Dublin’s Division 2 status.

Cooke Stops Two Great Tipp Goal Chances

Dublin finished 0-05 to 0-09 down at the break, but things could have been a lot worse under the circumstances. Niamh Gleeson and Ciara Buchannan were dogged in the corners. And if not for Dara Cooke skilfully stopping 2 goal chances from Loughnane and Caroline Browne the deficit would have been more substantial. Both goal chances resulted in ‘45s which Jenny Grace easily converted for Tipperary.

To their credit, Dublin had the better start and were leading 0-04 to 0-02 by the first water break. Nicola Thorn opened the scoring from the first throw in. And after Grace had converted her first 45, Aoibhe Dillon scored three without reply; 2 from frees, to give the Dubs a 0-04 to 0-01 lead. Grace finished the first quarter with a free to cut Dublin’s lead to 0-02.

Another Grace ’45 from Browne’s goal attempt and a Dee Dunne point from play drew the game level. And Tipp then quickly went 0-03 ahead. Dunne found the range again for her second, and Clare Hogan scored a beautiful score from deep with Grace landing another free in between. Thorn struck again for Dublin to close the gap to 0-02, but Jill Anne Quirke scored two quick points to see Tipperary finish the half strong.

Not the league finish Dublin Manager Dave Dunning would have wanted but thoughts now turn to Championship with a few weeks to reflect and rebuild.

Dublin Scorers

Aoibhe Dillon 0-08 (6f)
Nicola Thorn 0-02

Tipperary Scorers

Jenny Grace 0-06 (3f, 2 ’45)
Clare Hogan 0-03
Nicola Loughhnane 1-00
Dee Dunne 0-02
Jill Ann Quirke 0-02
Emily Morrissey 0-01


1. Dara Cooke
2. Ciara Buchannan
3. Kerri Milne
4. Niamh Gleeson
5. Rachel Dolan
6. Molly O’Neill
7. Ellen Dunphy
8. Megan Benson
9. Siobhan Kehoe
10. Aoife Heffernan
11. Aoibhe Dillon
12. Niamh Comerford
13. Sinead O’Donoghue
14. Nicola Thorn
15. Sarah Fenlon

Dublin Substitutes:

23. Fiona Isdel for Sarah Fenlon (36)
21. Ciara Holland for Niamh Comerford (36)
26. Niamh Heffernan for Sinead O’Donoghue (46)
17. Aoife Deegan for Ellen Dunphy (51)
25. Meadhbh Hicks for Aoife Heffernan (56)


1. Sarah Quigley
5. Ciara Ryan
3. Christina Brennan
4. Niamh Long
26. Margaret Quigley
6. Gemma Fox
7. Emma Carey
8. Courtney Ryan
12. Caroline Browne
27. Jill Anne Quirke
11. Jenny Grace
15. Clare Hogan
13. Deirdre Dunne
10. Nicola Loughnane
22. Leah Heffernan

Tipperary Substitutes:

20. Ciara Dwan for Margaret Quigley (45)
19. Ciara Cummins for Caroline Browne (50)
23. Emily Morrissey for Leah Heffernan (52)
21. Mary Flaherty for Jill Anne Quirke (60)
25. Roseanna O’Donnell for Dee Dunne (60)