A valiant performance by Dublin’s U16A’s this afternoon against Kilkenny in Rathleague

Dublin U16A Panel - LeinsterDublin 0-10
Kilkenny 3-12

The dream double for Dublin in this afternoon’s Leinster U16 Camogie Championships was foiled by Kilkenny, who beat Dublin’s A panel by 0-10 to clinch the title.

It seemed a little too much for the girls in blue, who despite pushing right to the end couldn’t do enough to stop Kilkenny’s drive.

Therese Donnelly, Grace Mulhall and Ciara O’Keefe were the deciding factors on today’s game combining to register all but three of Kilkenny’s scores.

After Niamh Comerford and Grace Mulhall traded their opening points for their sides Theres Donnelly drove the first nail in for Kilkenny raising a green flag, but Cara Feeney and Comerford duly responded to keep a score between the sides.

Dublin U16A Panel - Leinster

Both sides went toe to toe for the first 20 minutes of this game and in the last 10 minutes Dublin had kept within 0-03 of their opponents, before Grace Mulhall registered Kilkenny’s second goal which stunned Dublin. Ciara and Roisin O’Keefe ended the half for Kilkenny with 0-03 between them leaving Dublin facing an 0-09 deficit to recover in the second half.

Comerford and Mulhall again exchanged score at the start of the second half, in fact they traded two each before Therese Donnelly added Kilkenny’s third goal and a point, stretching their lead to 0-13 with 15 minutes of normal time to play.


That would be the last action from Kilkenny as Dublin threw the kitchen sink at them for the remainder of the half only to register three more scores, from Caitlin Coffey, Isobel Davis and Niamh Comerford, which wouldn’t be enough, leaving a 0-10 margin between the sides, with Kilkenny named the Leinster U16A Camogie Champions this year.

Dublin U16A Panel - Leinster

Dublin Scorers:
15. Niamh Comerford 0-05  (5f)
14. Cara Feeney 0-01
10. Katie McDonald 0-01
24. Ciara Clohessy 0-01 (1f)
11. Caitlin Coffey 0-01
9. Isobel Davis 0-01

Kilkenny Scorers:
15. Therese Donnelly 2-01
14. Grace Mulhall 1-03 (3f)
11. Ciara O’Keefe 0-05
16. Hannah Dunphy 0-01
12. Tara Ronan 0-01
23. Roisin O’Keefe 0-01

1. Ciara Jones
2. Rachel Seery
3. Kerri Milne
4. Ava Maher
6. Eirin Kennedy
24. Ciara Clohessy
9. Isobel Davis
11. Caitlin Coffey
5. Lucy O Shea
10. Katie McDonald
14. Cara Feeney
15. Niamh Comerford
13. Maedbh Hicks
12. Ciara Stack
17. Anna Sullivan

Dublin Subs:
Off: 12. Ciara Stack On: 21. Amy Quinn (41)
Off: 17. Anna Sullivan On: 20. Amber Finnegan (43)
6. Eirin Kennedy On: 7. Rachel Dolan (49)

1. Sinead Farrell
2. Shannon Conroy
3. Ellen Delaney
20. Miriam Brennan
18. Missy Rochford
6. Marlise Flynn
7. Tiffany Fitzgerald
8. Emily Kavanagh
9. Aisling Prendergast
23. Roisin O’Keefe
11. Ciara O’Keefe
12. Tara Ronan
16. Hannah Dunphy
14. Grace Mulhall
15. Therese Donnelly

Kilkenny Subs:
Off: 6. Marlise Flynn On: 26. Mikeala Ryan (39)
Off: 18. Missy Rochford On: 4. Áine Galavan (58)