Earlier this week Dublin Camogie announced that Dublin footballer and BeDo7 owner Philly McMahon will take up the role as Head of Performance of Dublin Camogie commencing in the middle of October.

Philly and his company BeDo7 will be responsible for the strength and conditioning of all Dublin squads from U14 to Adult.

Dublin Camogie Chairperson Jenny Byrne explained why they approached Philly McMahon and his company BeDo7.

“To be honest with you Philly was involved with our Junior Premier team and he has been for the last few years and he got them to an All Ireland Final both years, this year having won it, so obviously there was a weakness within strength and conditioning in Dublin Camogie and we identified it as an executive and approached Philly, talks began and that’s how it all started.”

“Philly knows the GAA scene and he knows club, he knows structures so we just thought he was the best person to go to.”

Jenny is also hopeful that having Philly McMahon on board will raise the profile of Dublin Camogie but it’s also about giving back to the players.

“Hopefully it’s going to raise the profile of Dublin Camogie but I also think with players it’s about giving back.”

“So if players realise that we are sending them to a professional set up they will buy into it and they will know it’s worth and of course the strength and fitness will go along with it as well.”

Philly started in the fitness industry at the tender age of just 19 and he explained that it came about through a combination of opportunity and necessity.

“It happened by opportunity actually, I was repeating my leaving cert and I needed to make an income and I actually started training a team from St Sylvester’s in Malahide and that was the income I had to repeat my leaving cert and it grew from there.”

“And I have over the last five or six years found a love for performance in sport whether that’s through the teams I have worked with in soccer, boxers, MMA fighters or in the Dublin Camogie situation.”

“The first team I trained was actually about 8 years ago, and have had teams coming and going since so for me I think I seen the opportunity to get involved to try support the great volunteers that are part of Dublin Camogie and I seen a sense of fulfilment in the performance aspect so hopefully I can bring my experience that I have gained through not only playing at a high level of sport but also through my education over the years.”

Philly’s company has two different strands to it and with one of those strands dealing with the performance aspect of sports team he always wanted to get involved with a team and he couldn’t think of any better to be involved than Dublin Camogie and the county he loves.

“ I always wanted to get involved with a team giving 100% commitment into something and what better than Dublin Camogie, it’s the county I love so why not get involved in it.”

The fitness industry is a hugely competitive market and attracting new members is the lifeblood for any gym to survive. And in a market that offers a variety of choice, Philly McMahon expressed the difference between his BeDo7 gyms to that of his competitors.

“I think what makes us unique is that we actually understand what we sell, we don’t sell gym memberships we sell emotions, when people come through the door they feel a certain way and when they walk out the door they feel better.”

“They say people buy with emotions now a days and we train people to feel better so we understand all the external factors around life as well, a lot of people in sport and in the fitness industry – it’s the external factors that actually prevent them from achieving things, so that’s something that I am looking to bring to the fore of Dublin Camogie, to look at all the external factors of what’s preventing these girls from fulfilling their potential performance wise.”

The open mindedness of the Dublin Camogie executive to Philly’s ideas sealed the deal for the Ballymun Kickhams man and he is excited to see how it pans out.

“When I first met Jenny and the committee I sensed that they had an open-mindedness to my ideas and I think that was the big thing for me, I wanted to get involved and I had the company so it was – can I get involved with a group of people that I can learn from but also be expressive in my ideas.”

“There is a huge amount of volunteers and now they will have the resources of my company, my staff, my gym, my experience and knowledge so I think that’s the big thing.”

“Again there is a committee there that are very open to new things and you got to do new things to create success, we can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results so I think it’s a great fit, I think it’s an exciting opportunity and I am really looking forward to seeing how it goes.”

And what does Philly McMahon see as the future for Dublin Camogie and his role in that.

“Who knows, for me my purpose and my vision for Dublin Camogie is improvement, it’s all about improvement and being accountable for my position – taking responsibility.”

“I am feeding into a committee and a group of people that want Dublin Camogie to be successful so it’s about improvement. What that improvement is – just depends, so that is success in my eyes.”

You can watch the full interview in the video above.