Dublin’s Under 16B team have beaten Westmeath to secure a knockout place in this year’s Leinster Championship
U16B Camogie Leinster v Westmeath
Dublin’s U16B Panel that beat Westmeath this afternoon in Bray

Dublin 5-11
Westmeath 1-01

Leinster U16B Camogie Championship

To say this afternoon’s proceedings against Westmeath in Bray Emmets was a very one sided affair it would be understating things quite dramatically. And it would also come as a massive surprise considering this game was against the top two sides in Group B of this Leinster Championship and was expected to be a close run competition.

Dublin were worth every cent today, from keeper to corner forward as they finish top of the table waiting for their knockout opponents, dismantling Westmeath, who had come into today’s game two wins from two and registering similar score lines to the girls in blue.

Grace Dent v Westmeath
Dublin’s Grace Dent drops her hurl to palm the ball into the Westmeath net

Goals from Grace Dent, Shauna Buckley, Saoirse O’Donnell and two from substitute Hannah Reynolds saw Dublin completely control this game from beginning to end. Westmeath just couldn’t get a hold on things at all, proven further by not registering a score in the second half. This was mainly down to the work rate of the Dublin defence, especially Elyse Jamieson Murphy and Roisin O’Neill Cunningham who wiped everything off the floor to redistribute down the field.

By the end of the first quarter this afternoon, Dublin had registered 1-05 with absolutely no reply from Westmeath. Grace Dent had her first from play in the second minute, and shortly after Shauna Buckley sent a high ball in as Westmeath keeper Kaylin Murray watched it drop under the crossbar and behind her into the net.

Dent registered two more scores, as did Buckley along with Emily Byrne and Jenny Sheeran. But they weren’t finished as a ball broke to Dent in the 25th and she headed towards goal being tracked by two Westmeath defenders. Grace had the savvy at close range to drop her hurl and palm the ball into the net for Dublin second.

Emily Byrne v Westmeath
Dublin’s Emily Byrne scored 0-03 in their victory over Westmeath

Ellen Shaw finally got Westmeath on the scoreboard with a 28th minute free conversion, only to be answered immediately by Jenny Sheeran. Saoirse O’Donnells goal came at the start of additional time, and down at the other end Erin Core gave Westmeath a life line pulling on the ball and sending it into an empty Dublin net, making the half time score 3-08 to 1-01.

For Westmeath things just got worse and while trying their very best to pen the Dublin attack in they expended too much effort and as a result their own attack faded completely. However they did slow Dublin’s game slightly for a sizeable period of the half.

With eleven minutes on the clock Emily Byrne got the first of her two second half points, her second coming from a converted free in the 14th. Emma McMenamin sent a lovely score over before Dublin manager Mark McMenamin introduced substitute Hannah Reynolds to the forward line a move that would give Dublin that extra bite to close out the game.

Hannah Reynolds v Westmeath
Dublin’s Hannah Reynolds sends a powerful ball at the Westmeath goal this afternoon

Hannah was no more than three minutes on the field when she was played in outside the square to fire a ball straight in the the corner for Dublin’s fourth goal of the afternoon. Less than two minutes later and from almost the same spot she did it again, making the second half a no contest.

Final score in Bray Emmets, Dublin 5-11 Westmeath 1-01

Dublin Scorers:
Grace Dent 1-03
Hannah Reynolds 2-00
Shauna Buckley 1-02
Emily Byrne 0-03 (1f)
Saoirse O’Donnell 1-00
Jenny Sheeran 0-02
Emma McMenamin 0-01

Westmeath Scorers:
Erin Core 1-00
Ellen Shaw 0-01 (1f)

Dublin Team:
1. Sophie Brennan
2. Ciara Fenton
3. Elyse Jamieson Murphy
4. Caoimhe Slevin
5. Laura Sharkey
6. Roisin O’€™Neill Cunningham
7. Hazel Austin
8. Julie Grimes
9. Libby Peppard
10. Grace Dent
11. Shauna Buckley
12. Emma McMenamin
13. Jenny Sheeran
14. Emily Byrne
15. Saoirse O’Donnell

Dublin Substitutes:
21. Christine Shanahan For 10. Grace Dent (42 min)
18. Ellen Baker For 2. Ciara Fenton (42 min)
22. Hannah Reynolds For 11. Shauna Buckley (48 min)
17. Caitlin Maguire For 7. Hazel Austin (48 min)
20. Grainne Skelton For 15. Saoirse O’Donnell (53 min)

Westmeath Team:
1. Kaylin Murray
2. Shannon Dalton
3. Caoimhe Scally
4. Sophie Quirke
5. Darian Corcoran
6. Amelia Shaw
7. Aisling Keogh
8. Karen Keegan
9. Erin Core
10. Sarah Coleman
11. Ellen Shaw
12. Shannon Buckley
13. Emma Kilcoyne
14. Meadbh McLoughlin
15. Kacey Burslem Rotheroe

Westmeath Substitutes:
16. Emma Flood For 1. Kaylin Murray (HT)
20. Kirsty Fivey for 20. Kasey Burlsem Rotheroe (HT)
17. Helen Tansey For 4. Sophie Quirke (38 min)
18. Jessica Quirke For 14. Meadbh McLoughlin (43 min)
19. Katie Leavy For 13. Emma Kilcoyne 50 min)