DUBLIN Manager Gregory McGonigle insists his team will bounce back from yesterday’s All-Ireland final loss but they need to be ‘a bit like a shark’.

McGonigle saw his team’s ten-point lead wiped out as Cork staged a stunning revival to win the All-Ireland senior ladies football crown for the ninth time in ten years.

But the defiant Dublin boss has vowed his team will recover.

“We need to be a bit like a shark, every time a shark takes a bite it loses a tooth, but within 24 hours it gets another tooth back. We’ll be the same next year, we’ll need to make sure we’ve the tooth grown back and go at it again.”

“I guarantee you Dublin will win an All-Ireland and I’ll be back here next year. Our motto for life is going to be ‘All In”, this bond won’t be broke, we’ll be back. The difference with Monaghan last year was that it was the last throw of the dice for some of that squad, this is a very young team.

“Molly Lamb is 18 years of age. I know that if we get together and do a bit of training over the winter we’ll be back out. It may not be me who leads them in an All-Ireland but they’ll be in a stronger place now and come through over the next few years.”

McGonigle did pay tribute to Cork and likened their manager Eamonn Ryan to Brian Cody for the wave of success that he has presided over.

“I’d give Cork more credit. When you’re 10 points down you have to go for it and Rhona Buckley slipped in for a goal. We’ve no complaints. You never figure Cork out, they keep coming and coming.

“Cork have won nine out of the last 10, we knew we were going to have to go to the final whistle with them. I asked Eamonn Ryan when he came down the steps, is there any chance of himself and Brian Cody retiring at the same time so we could all maybe get a go but that’s football.”(The Score)
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