GER CUNNINGHAM is doing his best to turn Dublin into Cork people’s second favourite team.

The former Rebels goalkeeper has taken over the Dubs hurling job from Anthony Daly, who was in charge for six seasons.

Cunningham says he hasn’t yet been disowned by the locals on Leeside for taking over the reins in the capital.

“I’ve had an awful lot of good wishes from people in Cork and I’m trying to drum up a situation so people there will support Dublin as their second team and hopefully it’s going well,” said Cunningham on 98FM.

“You can see there was a fantastic relationship there with Anthony Daly, you can see it, it’s in the book that Dalo brought out.

“When you talk to the players you can hear it from them as well, they’ve had a fantastic few years with Andy (Kettle, RIP) and Dalo, so I wouldn’t have that attachment.

“Anthony brought them a huge amount of success and has brought Dublin hurling on a huge amount.

“Six years is a long time to be with guys also, and maybe the time was right to move on and go a different route.

“That is the challenge for me; to build on what Anthony has done and to build on the really good foundations that he has put in place.

“The biggest challenge for me is to get to know the players as hurlers and what they do on the field, but also to try to get to know them off the field as people, what makes them tick and what’s their background.

“Playing inter-country hurling is really demanding and takes up an awful lot of time.

“I need to get to know them as people and that is the biggest challenge for me — getting to know them and getting to understand them.

“It’s been a fantastic six weeks (since taking over) really.”

Even though Dublin won the Leinster title as recently as 2013, they came in for huge criticism for failing to reach the same heights this year.

A number of pundits referred to their players as “manufactured” and suggested that the panel is ageing — which Cunningham disputes.

“The players have served Dublin very well and, even though they have been around, age is just a number and we are not discarding anyone because of their age.

“Evolution will happen all the time, players will go and we need to find new players.

“It’s crucial to find those players (former underage and minor players) and where they’ve gone to and bring them on board and see if they are willing to commit to Dublin.

(Irish Daily Star)
Image Credit: Cathal Noonan/INPHO


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