Who Will Be Chosen To Unwrap The Monaghan Blanket.

As the championship progresses, Dublins challenge moves from a traditional man marking system, to the typical blanket style defence favoured by the northern sides. This will present a different obstacle for Jim Gavins squad to deal with,but should we overcome the Monaghan test,it will stand us in good stead for the potential Donegal clash in the following round.

Gavin has some thinking to do before Saturdays clash and in his thoughts might be the question of how best to break the blanket defence Monaghan will deploy.
So does he change the tactics and personnel to suit the challenge,or does he stick with the regular 15 who so far have had hardly broken sweat in the games to date?

If I was selecting the team I would make a couple of changes to the team, namely, Johnny Cooper back in, and start with tackle breaking forwards like O Gara and McManamon, who will cause Monaghan lots of trouble in the last third of the pitch.

I would also start Dean Rock as he has excellent accuracy from the 40, and this area I feel,will be where Monaghan draw the line in the sand.

Dublin will do well to remember that Meath cleaned Monaghan out in midfield, yet lost the game, so shot selection, and use of the ball will be key factors in who prevails, but I expect us to go on and win well, whoever we start.-Jonathan.
Image Credit:INPHO.

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