Sunday Game Team Of The Year.

The Sunday Game panelists have chosen their team of the year and only two Dubs made the team.

Three weeks ago Dublin were been hailed as unbeatable after retaining their league and Leinster titles and these same panelists were raving about Dublin and one loss later they are so quickly forgotten.


James O’Donoghue was voted player of the year by the panel on a vote of 3-2 over Diarmuid Connolly.

Here is the team in full:

1. Paul Durcan

2. Aidan O’Mahony
3. Neil McGee
4. Keith Higgins

5. Paul Murphy
6. Peter Crowley
7. Colm Boyle

8. David Moran
9. Neil Gallagher

10. Paul Flynn
11. Diarmuid Connolly
12. Ryan McHugh

13. James O’Donoghue
14. Michael Murphy
15. Cillian O’Connor

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