Next Dubs Match Only On Sky.

Next Dubs match only on Sky.

Get your tickets now for the All-Ireland football Quarter-final double bill in Croke Park on Saturday August 9th!

Both Dublin and Donegal footballers will be playing and the matches will only be shown live on Sky Sports, not by RTE.

This is the first big showpiece occasion when the GAA’s TV deal with Sky Sports will really impact on the casual GAA fan. If you don’t have a Sky subscription, or easy access to a house or pub that has, your only option is to spurn the charms of Rachel Wyse and go to the game.

And Dublin and Donegal fans will do that in their thousands. Since their opponents will be two of four well-supported counties in Armagh, Kildare, Meath and Monaghan, this could end up being very close to the first 82,300 sell-out of the Championship summer.
(Sunday World)


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