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The Dublin boss broke his silence on the recent disciplinary decision on Fitzsimons.

Jim Gavin gives thoughts on Fitzsimons

Ultimately, yesterday’s result again proved that Dublin aren’t any less impressive given the absence of a number of veteran panel members.

The “Blue Juggernaut” blitzed a stunned Kerry side to claim their fifth consecutive league win as they power towards clinching a league final slot.

And with so many seasoned servants absent, the rest of the football landscape must again be thinking “how do we stop Dublin?”

One name we knew would be missing from the team sheet for yesterday’s game was Cuala defender Michael Fitzsimons.

A red card was shown to Fitzsimons following a mis-timed challenge on Aidan O’Shea during Dublin’s recent win over Mayo in Castlebar.

The county board and management appealed to the CHC to have the resulting one match suspension overturned, but unfortunately the ruling was not changed and Fitzsimons’ ban remained in place.

Following yesterday’s win, Gavin expressed his opinion on the situation.

“We had footage from eir sports, great footage, to show conclusively that it wasn’t dangerous play,” he told the Independent.

The Dublin boss thought the decision was “bizarre” suggesting a concern on the dilution of physicality in the game.

“Maybe there’s an objective to sanitise the game of Gaelic football. I look at the hurling fraternity and they’ve kept the physicality in their game – so we just need to be mindful of that.”

Dublin’s case for Fitzsimons was that his block on O’Shea was timed wrong and they believed that the evidence presented to the CHC would show that this was indeed the case.

“It was bizarre. James McCarthy took a big hit in the opening of the second-half and he got up, no drama. You want physicality in the game and if a player commits to the tackle, times it – you want to keep that in our games.”

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