ALAN BROGAN HAS still to make a decision on his future with the Dublin senior team but if he is to come back, he’ll have plenty to offer the 2013 All-Ireland champions according to younger brother Bernard.

Rumours circulated earlier this year that Alan had decided to retire from the inter-county scene but were quickly quashed by the player himself who said he wanted to take some time to mull over any decision and talk to his family and friends.

And, if his brother Bernard is to be believed, his fellow forward is still to take that decision:

“I honestly don’t know,” said Bernard at the AIG Club Member Insurance launch, “but I think he has loads to add and talking to the other lads in the team they think he has loads to add.

“Probably when he came back at the start of last year, I don’t know this for a fact but he probably would have felt, after missing the year and us after winning the All-Ireland, that his role and his importance to Dublin wasn’t as great as it would have been in the past.

“But as the year went on, and he was so influential and played an important part. When he looks back on it, I’d say he’ll say there might still be a role for me here.”

What some might see as ageing legs, Bernard sees as experience, something he feels will benefit Dublin as they look to reclaim their All-Ireland crown in 2015.

“As a footballer, [Alan] having played 13 years with Dublin – you play until you feel you don’t have a role any more – or you don’t feel you can add something to the team, or you feel like you’ve ran out of legs.”

“I’d like to think that he’s still enjoying it and I definitely think he’s still got football to add and still had his pace to add and the experience

“[If he does retire] I hope it won’t be about his football and attributes and skills, that won’t be a reason for his decision. It will probably be whether it’s his personal circumstances or whatever. He’s been there for 13 years. It’s not an easy decision for him.

“All he knows is Dublin football through the summer.”(The Score)
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