1. Marc Ó Sé (Kerry)

“We all know what he does. Marc is a supreme athlete and footballer. He’s a tight marker and has a great turn of pace. It’s really hard to get the better of him. I’ve marked him several times and they’ve always been in big games and we’ve always had good battles.

“They’re the toughest and most enjoyable type of personnel battles. Marc got the better of me several times but the 2013 semi-final is a game I’m going to chalk down as one I got over him. I got 0-4 from play that day and we came out victors.To get a few scores off him and win the game made it a special day.”


2. Neil McGee (Donegal)

“Another man who was very difficult to mark was Neil McGee. He’s tight, strong and really good in the air. We would have had a couple of tough challenges.

“The 2011 All-Ireland semi-final was the first time I came up against him and then this year’s All-Ireland semi-final was the next time I came up against him. They’d have been the main bouts that we had. He’s won one and I’ve won one. We’ll hopefully meet again to decide a third.”


3. Cahir Healy (Laois)

“Most people would now see Cahir as a hurler with Laois. But he’s a really good footballer and one that’ll be very important on Sunday for Portlaoise against St Vincent’s. He’s a very quick defender.

“I played with him in college in DCU and I’d rate him very highly. People mightn’t him know him as well as an inter-county footballer but I’d put him up there as one of the top corner backs in the country. I was glad to see him go across to the hurling with Laois to be honest!”


4. Kevin Reilly (Meath)

“Another guy that I played with in college in DCU in the Sigerson teams. Kevin is a guy I’d rate very highly. He’s a big huge figure at full-back and a very powerful player.

“Dublin have generally come out on top over the years when we’ve played them at inter-county level with Meath. He wouldn’t have the same ratio of victories there but they’ve still been serious battles and he’s been tough to get the better of.”


5. Mick Fitzsimons (Dublin)

“The last one I’ll go for is one of the Dublin defenders. I’d mark Mick a lot in training. He’s one of the stickiest and most awkward men that I’ve ever played against.

“He’s also really competitive and one of the most competitive I’ve ever played against. Mick would be very quick and have a very sharp turn of pace. He’s a very tough man to get one over on in training. There’s a lot of Dublin corner-forwards that would agree with me on that I think.” (The Score)
Image Credits: INPHO

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