Is The Current Squad Strongest Ever?

I was reading through a few articles in the media recently, and how the consensus amongst the pundits seems to suggest that this current Dublin squad is the strongest Dublin squad ever, and I got to thinking about our last title winning squad, not the 2011 team as that is mostly the current team, but rather the 1995 winning team.

The question I asked myself was.. how many of the 1995 team would start the game ahead of their counterparts in the current starting 15?

Are the current squad better in every position?


Here is that 1995 team for you to compare.

John O’Leary
Paddy Moran
Ciaran Walsh
Keith Galvin
Paul Curran
Keith Barr
Mick Deegan
Paul Bealin
Brian Stynes
Jim Gavin
Dessie Farrell
Paul Clarke
Mick Galvin
Jason Sherlock
Charlie Redmond

Pat Gilroy in for K Galvin
Robbie Boyle in for Mick Galvin and Vinny Murphy in for Dessie Farrell


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