Dublin GAA Inter County Results

Date Venue Competition Versus Score Report
20/05/2017Parnell ParkLeinster Minor Football ChampionshipLongford6-12 to 0-05
13/05/2017Parnell ParkLeinster Minor Hurling ChampionshipWexford0-20 to 1-14Report
13/05/2017Clane GAALeinster Ladies U16 FootballMeath5-09 to 2-07Report
06/05/2017O'Toole ParkLeinster Senior Camogie ChampionshipKilkenny1-09 to 0-15
06/05/2017Thomastown GAALeinster U16B Camogie ChampionshipLaois0-05 to 3-09Report
06/05/2017Clane GAALeinster Ladies U14 FootballMeath3-14 to 1-06Report
06/05/2017Netwatch Cullen Park, CarlowLeinster Premier Junior CamogieCarlow0-09 to 1-12
30/04/2017Coralstown/Kinnegad GAALittlewoods Camogie League Division 3Roscommon0-12 to 0-07Report
29/04/2017O'Connor Park, TullamoreEIRGRID All Ireland U21 Men's Football ChampionshipGalway2-13 to 2-07Report
23/04/2017CaleenLeinster U16A Camogie ChampionshipOffaly7-12 to 0-04
22/04/2017Parnell ParkLeinster Minor Football ChampionshipMeath1-15 to 1-13
22/04/2017Nowlan Park, KilkennyLidl National Ladies Football LeagueCork0-13 to 1-16Report
17/04/2017Clane GAALeinster Minor Ladies FootballKildare6-13 to 2-12
17/04/2017Kilmacud Crokes, GlenalbynLeinster U16B Camogie ChampionshipKilkenny3-14 to 0-06
16/04/2017The RaggLittlewoods Camogie League Division 3Clare1-12 to 0-06
15/04/2017Parnell ParkLeinster Minor Hurling ChampionshipLaois1-11 to 1-08
15/04/2017Breffni Park, CavanEIRGRID All Ireland U21 Men's Football ChampionshipDonegal1-13 to 0-09
09/04/2017BallymahonLeinster Ladies U16 FootballLongford5-14 to 0-08
09/04/2017Croke ParkNational Football LeagueKerry1-16 to 0-20
08/04/2017Killeshin GAA GroundsLeinster Ladies U14 FootballLaois8-12 to 5-03Report
08/04/2017St. Brendan's Park, BirrAll Ireland Minor A Camogie ChampionshipClare0-09 to 3-12Report
02/04/2017St. Tiernach's Park, ClonesNational Football LeagueMonaghan2-15 to 1-15Report
02/04/2017Tuam StadiumLidl National Ladies Football LeagueGalway2-10 to 2-06
02/04/2017Innovative Wexford ParkLittlewoods Camogie League Division 1Wexford0-16 to 1-08
02/04/2017IT BlanchardstownLittlewoods Camogie League Division 3Kerry1-09 to 0-09
02/04/2017Donaghmore Ashbourne GAALeinster Minor Ladies FootballMeath2-11 to 2-06
02/04/2017O'Toole ParkLeinster U16A Camogie ChampionshipWexford3-18 to 2-11
02/04/2017Cusack Park, EnnisNational Hurling LeagueClare0-19 to 3-18
01/04/2017O'Toole ParkAll Ireland Minor A Camogie ChampionshipOffaly4-15 to 2-05Report
01/04/2017AbbotstownLeinster Minor Hurling LeagueKildare1-20 to 3-16
29/03/2017O'Moore Park, PortlaoiseLeinster Men's U21 Football ChampionshipOffaly2-14 to 0-08Report
26/03/2017Parnell ParkNational Hurling LeagueKilkenny1-16 to 2-20
26/03/2017Annanough GAALeinster Ladies U16 FootballLaois4-11 to 2-07
25/03/2017Croke ParkNational Football LeagueRoscommon2-29 to 0-14
25/03/2017St. Peregrines GAALeinster Ladies U14 FootballMeath3-04 to 1-10
25/03/2017Croke ParkLidl National Ladies Football LeagueMayo1-10 to 1-11
25/03/2017DCU SportsgroundsLeinster Minor Hurling ChampionshipMeath1-23 to 2-16
22/03/2017Lakepoint Park, MullingarLeinster Men's U21 Football ChampionshipLongford2-10 to 0-09
19/03/2017AbbotstownLidl National Ladies Football LeagueArmagh3-05 to 3-12
19/03/2017DCU SportsgroundsLittlewoods Camogie League Division 1Tipperary2-10 to 2-11
19/03/2017O'Toole ParkLeinster U16A Camogie ChampionshipKilkenny2-12 to 3-06
19/03/2017O'Toole ParkLeinster U16B Camogie ChampionshipWestmeath6-09 to 1-01
18/03/2017Austin Stack Park, TraleeNational Football LeagueKerry0-13 to 0-13Report
18/03/2017St. Margarets GAALeinster Minor Ladies FootballLongford2-16 to 0-03
12/03/2017Cusack Park, EnnisNational Hurling LeagueClare1-15 to 0-20Report
12/03/2017Tom Ryall Park, KilkennyLittlewoods Camogie League Division 1Kilkenny0-04 to 2-14
12/03/2017Wolfe Tones CamogieLittlewoods Camogie League Division 3Clare1-10 to 1-03
12/03/2017O'Toole ParkAll Ireland Minor A Camogie ChampionshipTipperary2-09 to 2-07
12/03/2017Parnell's GAA ClubLeinster Ladies U16 FootballMeath3-17 to 1-11Report
11/03/2017Hawkfield GAALeinster Ladies U14 FootballKildare11-12 to 1-16
11/03/2017Home TBCLeinster Minor Hurling LeagueAntrim2-17 to 0-09
05/03/2017O'Toole ParkLeinster U16B Camogie ChampionshipWexford3-08 to 1-04Report
04/03/2017Croke ParkNational Football LeagueMayo1-16 to 0-07
04/03/2017Croke ParkNational Hurling LeagueWaterford1-17 to 2-19Report
04/03/2017Pairc Éire Óg CarrickmoreLittlewoods Camogie League Division 3Tyrone7-13 to 1-05
04/03/2017Heywood CSLeinster Minor Hurling LeagueLaois1-13 to 2-13
01/03/2017St. Loman's, MullingarLeinster Men's U21 Football ChampionshipWestmeath2-14 to 0-06Report
26/02/2017MacCumhail Park, BallybofeyNational Football LeagueDonegal1-08 to 2-05
26/02/2017Parnell ParkLidl National Ladies Football LeagueDonegal2-17 to 3-07
26/02/2017Parnell's GAA ClubLittlewoods Camogie League Division 1Waterford0-07 to 0-11Report
26/02/2017Away TBCLeinster U16B Camogie ChampionshipCarlow3-12 to 0-05
25/02/2017Carrignore, WaterfordAll Ireland Minor A Camogie ChampionshipWaterford1-05 to 0-07
25/02/2017AbbotstownLeinster Minor Football LeagueWicklow0-00 to 0-00
19/02/2017Mallow GAA & Sports ComplexLidl National Ladies Football LeagueCork1-08 to 2-11Report
18/02/2017Pair Ui RinnNational Hurling LeagueCork2-19 to 1-14Report
18/02/2017Mallow GAA & Sports ComplexLittlewoods Camogie League Division 1Cork0-04 to 1-07Report
18/02/2017IT BlanchardstownLittlewoods Camogie League Division 3Roscommon2-10 to 1-06Report
18/02/2017Mallow GAA & Sports ComplexAll Ireland Minor A Camogie ChampionshipCork0-06 to 2-09Report
18/02/2017Parnell ParkLeinster Minor Football LeagueTipperary0-00 to 0-00
11/02/2017Croke ParkNational Football LeagueTyrone0-10 to 1-07Report
11/02/2017Croke ParkNational Hurling LeagueTipperary1-08 to 1-24
11/02/2017Away TBCLeinster Minor Football LeagueCarlow0-07 to 1-09
05/02/2017Breffni Park, CavanNational Football LeagueCavan0-18 to 0-11Report
05/02/2017Castleisland DesmondsLidl National Ladies Football LeagueKerry1-08 to 0-08Report
29/01/2017Naomh MearnogLidl National Ladies Football LeagueMonaghan1-07 to 0-05Report
29/01/2017O'Raghallaighs GFC, DroghedaO'Byrne CupLouth2-16 to 1-10Report
22/01/2017St Conleth's ParkO'Byrne CupKildare0-16 to 2-08Report
19/01/2017Shelmaliers GAAWalsh CupWexford0-17 to 1-17
15/01/2017St. Patricks Park EnniscorthyO'Byrne CupWexford1-12 to 1-09
11/01/2017Parnell ParkO'Byrne CupU.C.D.1-10 to 2-09
11/01/2017Parnell ParkWalsh CupU.C.D.2-26 to 0-21Report
08/01/2017Parnell ParkO'Byrne CupD.C.U.1-15 to 0-11Report
04/01/2017Parnell ParkWalsh CupCarlow2-17 to 1-13Report