Dublin Camogie Player in sky blue jersey, navy skort and yellow and blue helmet breaking the tackle of a Kilkenny player in an amber and black striped jersey, black skort and red helmet as Four first half goals secured victory for Dublin

Four First Half Goals Cornerstone To Dublin Victory


Dublin 5-08

Kilkenny 1-07


Four first half goals were the cornerstone for Dublin’s U16B Camogie Team To book their place in the All Ireland semi finals.

It was a lively encounter between Dublin and Kilkenny last Sunday in O’Toole Park which provided plenty of entertainment for the large crowd at the game.

Kilkenny started brightly and raced into a 0-03 to 0-01 lead inside the opening eight minutes of the contest.

Dublin had threatened the Kilkenny goal in those early exchanges and they turned that threat into a reality taking with their first goal in the tenth minute.

The girls in blue took full control from there on and by the short whistle had bagged four first half goals to take a commanding lead with them into the dressing rooms.

The opening goal was scored by Fiona Isdell with the second goal coming just five minutes later from Saoirse O’Donnell.

Dublin’s third goal was scored in the 22nd by Fiona Isdell with her second major of the half and the fourth in the 29th minute was finished off by Emma McMenamin.

The girls in blue took full control from there on and by the short whistle had bagged four first half goals to take a commanding lead with them into the dressing rooms.

Kilkenny were grateful to Sophie Phelan who scored an all important goal in the final minute of the half to keep them just within touching distance of the Dubs with the half time score 4-04 to 1-04.


Dublin’s Fifth Goal Put The Final Nail In The Kilkenny Coffin


The second half was a real battle with only one score registered between the sides a nice point from Kilkenny’s Annie Kirwan in the first twenty minutes.

But Dublin reestablished their dominance in the final ten minutes and finished strongly out scoring their opponents by 1-04 to 0-02.

Two quick points from Emma McMenamin and Grainne Skelton stretched the Dublin lead.

Kilkenny hit back with a point from Maria Comerford, but that was immediately cancelled out with a Hannah Reynolds point.

And Reynolds put the final nail in the Kilkenny coffin a minute later finishing to the net for Dublin’s fifth goal of the game.

Dublin’s Eimear Murphy added a further point as the game headed into injury time and just before the full time whistle Kilkenny’s Annie Kirwan hit a consolation point from a free.


Dublin Scorers:


Fiona Isdell 2-00

Grace Skelton 0-05 (4f)

Hannah Reynolds 1-01

Emma McMenamin 1-01

Saoirse O’Donnell 1-00

Eimear Murphy 0-01


Kilkenny Scorers:


Annie Kirwan 0-03 (1f)

Sophie Phelan 1-00

Chloe Power 0-01

Roisin Foley 0-01

Danielle Mate Maher 0-01

Maria Comerford 0-01


Dublin Team:


1. Anna Farrell

18. Ciara Fenton

2. Ellen Baker

3. Laura Sharkey

4. Caoimhe Slevin

6. Roisin O’Neill Cunningham

7. Hazel Austin

8. Julie Grimes

9. Libby Peppard

13. Emma McMenamin

11. Hannah Reynolds

15. Grainne Skelton

21. Saoirse O’Donnell

17. Fiona Isdell

19. Jenny Sheeran


Dublin Substitutions:


10. Eimear Murphy for 19. Jenny Sheeran (40th Min)

14. Emily Byrne for 17. Fiona Isdell (44th Min)

23. Christine Shanahan for 21. Saoirse O’Donnell (46th Min)

5. Caitlin Maguire for 2. Ellen Baker (48th Min)

12. Shauna Buckley for 9. Libby Peppard (57th Min)


Kilkenny Team:


1. Kayla Joyce Foley

20. Shauna Cody

3. Eimear Fleming

4. Aoife Fitzpatrick

5. Ella Dillon

6. Chloe Power

9. Chloe Mullally

8. Isobel Caldbeck

7. Danielle Mate Maher

15. Roisin Foley

10. Orla O’Keeffe

13. Kate Ring

11. Annie Kirwan

12. Sophie Phelan

14. Una Donnelly


Kilkenny Substitutions:


16. Megan Brennan for 13. Kate Ring (23rd Min)

19. Eimear Stynes for 4. Aoife Fitzpatrick (36th Min)

18. Maria Comerford for: 20. Shauna Cody (48th Min)

17. Mia Ryan for: 12. Sophie Phelan (48th Min)